The people for whom this law works the best and the most often is those people who are completely devoted to visualizing their success, their happiness, and their wealth. They are the same people who believe that good fortune will come to them instead of bad fortune. They are the people who wake up in the morning expecting good surprises instead of bad ones.In my life, the Law of Attraction has worked more than I ever expected. When I first learned about it, I was dubious, but I thought that I would put my doubts aside and try it out wholeheartedly. After all, what did I have to lose? Having lived almost all of my life in debt, I decided to stop thinking about the bills and the money I owed and started focusing on a bank account that was positive and much larger than I had ever imagined before.It didn’t take long before my fortunes started to change. None of the windfalls that I received could ever have been predicted. I received a promotion into a job that had never existed before and found that I was owed money by people and companies completely out of the blue. This success led me to use the Law of Attraction in other areas of my life, such as losing a little bit of weight, getting fit, and finding the type of relationship that had always evaded me in the past – and it worked every time.

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