Is Mind Over Matter REAL? | Scientific Evidence

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written and edited by Adrian David Nelson.
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Mind Matter Interaction ~ References

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Further references

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So how does it work? Very simply – the subconscious mind stores ‘things’ gathered from our senses, our experiences, our genes, and everything that we come in contact with and see. The stored ‘things’ are harmless, but useful, unless subjected to bad programming – a bit like a computer, the data will sit in the memory banks until accessed. If accessed and manipulated incorrectly then the wrong information will be displayed. Programming the mind is a learning process of clear and precise repetition. The combination of the stored things and the programming, influence our belief systems. This impacts on our confidence, or lack of, our opinions, our mannerisms, etc.

Confidence comes from: learning, practicing and belief. For example: when you first get into a car could you believe that one day you would do all the consecutive actions that you need to do to drive that car? I know I didn’t but now I don’t consciously think about driving a car – I just do it. During our lives we are subjected to many opinions and comments that repeated often enough become ‘true’. Unfortunately, it is human nature to believe the negative comments, especially about ourselves, rather than the positive ones.
Let me try and explain: during my paid employment I met constantly with bosses telling me that I didn’t have the ability or the education to get the promotion I was looking for. Consequently, I had a many jobs. I developed a sense of frustration, culminating in the belief that they were right and I was wrong. However, I knew there was more to me. With my family’s support I went to university, as a mature age student. I obtained an undergraduate degree and later a post-graduate degree.

Now I have my own business as a wellness, nutrition and body shaping coach and distributor of the finest high quality nutritional and skin care products. For this change to occur I had to change my negative self-talk and beliefs about myself. The same is true for you. The negative beliefs about yourself not being able to achieve those dreams can be broken with support and guidance and with actions carried out by yourself.

It is very simple to make a decision that you want to achieve , allow yourself to believe you can do it and guess what you will do it. Just changing a few things that you do regularly will get you that goal you are aiming for:

1 How many times do you say “I Can’t!”?
Well, stop yourself every time, take a deep breath, smile and say: “ I CAN! ”

2 How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see?
Well next time (and every time) smile and say:
Your brain is a muscle too, it needs powerful nutrition – so feed it, help develop your self-belief system and cope with the coming festive season:

“You are your own scriptwriter and the play is never finished, no matter
what your age or position in life” Denis Waitley

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