The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law which means it applies to
everyone all of the time.  Translated to human experience this means
you are always manifesting, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Did you ever hear the saying: The sun shines on the saints and sinners alike.

this means is that the sun always there and it shines on everyone and
everything equally.  It doesn’t shine more on people who are good or
bad or fat or skinny or short or tall.  It doesn’t favor rich people or
people in a certain country or religion.  It’s the sun and it does what
the sun does – it shines.

The Universe acts in much the same way,
doing what it does. Instead of shining like the sun though, the
Universe acts like a mirror – reflecting back to us exactly what we
send it.  It doesn’t judge or altar anything and it doesn’t care what
the consequences are to you or me (just like the sun doesn’t care if
you get a sunburn or not).

The thing about the Universe is that
it doesn’t have an off switch.  It is constantly receiving and
reflecting data back to you (and everyone else) and that data is what
forms the reality you experience. Every thought, word, emotion, and
experience you have adds to that data which continues to form your
reality day by day and minute by minute.

This means that you are
always manifesting.  In fact it is impossible to not manifest.  For
instance, if you are not manifesting green lights when you want to then
you are manifesting red lights.  If you are not manifesting great
service at a restaurant then you are manifesting less than great

Understanding this is important because once you see
that you are always manifesting it gives you complete power over your
life experience.  Because by understanding that the Universe is a
mirrorFree Articles, you can now change the data you’re sending out which in turn
will change the reality that’s being reflected back to you.

law of attraction Photo
By sallyjermain from Pixabay